"Life provides us with infinite inspiration.
I want to remain open to explore the ideas
that are gracious enough to come flying at me."


My life as a studio potter started with my first class in wheel-throwing almost 30 years ago. Once I discovered the magic of creating tangible, functional and artistic objects out of my ideas and hard work, there was no turning back. It's truly rewarding to look upon shelves at the end of the day and see pottery that hadn't existed hours before.


Through the years, I've guided my business from its first small craft show to large wholesale markets and a full schedule of premier juried art fairs. Now, I've changed focus and want to connect with my online audience. This enables me to reach customers from around the corner to the farthest corner of the world. It gives me more quality time in the studio -- which I love -- with the freedom to spend more time outside the studio in my garden, traveling, hiking, and just enjoying life.


Photo by Cindy Trim